Suzuki M-37C plus Melodica, rot Price: 135,83 (as of 24/02/2021 00:38 PST- Details)

melodica entry model for adult. this model has grown into an instrument loved by artists that goes beyond the boundaries of educational instruments.
the included mouthpiece is a flexible mouthpiece that is a bit different from the one for education model. since it is a shape memory type, the hose part does not hang down, making it suitable for standing performance and for vocalists to play between performances.
the case is a soft case with a shoulder strap and the case is fashionable in bright yellow!


Melodion Suzuki M-37C Plus.
Suzuki Alt Melodion M/37 C Plus.
Suzuki Spezialfarben – attraktive Farben auf der Bühne – Suzuki Qualität, hergestellt in Japan – zweifarbig Stabil für intensive Beanspruchung auf der Bühne oder im Studio – Luftdicht – Haltbare Instrumente (Mundstück kann ersetzt werden) flexibles Mundstück, mit Tasche.
1.Hülle 2. Langes, biegsames Mundstück (MP 161).