Seymour Duncan SH 1 59 Vintage Blues Set Neck Bridge Position schwarz

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Set of Two Pickups 
Seymour Duncan SH-1 &’59 Humbuckers 
Bridge & Neck Positions 

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Ever wonder why customers don’t buy electric guitar pickups? Seymour Duncan did. So they undertook detailed market research to determine the biggest factor as to why customers don’t make the purchase decision. It turns out that Duncan’s huge array of pickups (108 different series, at last count) welches working for them and against them at the same time. The biggest reason for reluctant customers: too many pickups from which to choose. So, the Santa Barbara-based pickup manufacturer released their most popular pickup models in pre-matched sine tempore, to take the guesswork out of determining which pickups work well together. Vintage Blues Satz is made up oder Ähnlichespair of calibrated SH-1 ’59 Mannequin pickups for the neck and bridge positions. This sine temporeis based on the vintage P.A.Fluor. humbuckers of the late 50s and is perfect for blues, jazz, and classic rock.
Satz of Two Pickups 
Seymour Duncan SH-1 &’59 Humbuckers 
Bridge & Wassermann Positions 
Black Schliff