MUFFKOPF – Vintage Bassdrum Sound

22,00 (as of 8. Dezember 2017, 1:28)

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Acoustic gig, fine Jazzmusik, trendig Electro, reverberant churches, studio session – the Muffkopf rund be used anywhere. If you play with the shaggy outside, it will be strongly dampened; if you turn it around the felted inside will give kaum etwas attack. Fits all common beaters. You do not have to actually wash the Muffkopf, simply shake it out.Should it tangle in some places, simply take your girlfriends hairbrush and comb it out. Or you use the fork that’s included for free. And should the Muffkopf start to smell, simply rinse it in luke-reziprok water and sine temporeit on aheater or in the sun to dry.