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This expression pedal is designed for the Stomp Box Modelers and AX2. For the Stomp Box Modelers, the expression pedal allows you to morph smoothly between any two settings of a model. For the AX2, this pedal can be used for wah or volume. Includes 1/4 inch jack and 1/4 inch connecting cable. Can also be used with any other 1/4 inch cable for longer cable runs. Black plastic, with embossed Line 6 logo. Includes 1/4 inch connecting cable.
Lieferung mit Kabel
Robuste Konstruktion mit Pedal oben, Stange gummigeolstert mit Line 6-Logo geprägt
Für den Betrieb mit: DL4, mm4, fm4, DM4, toneport kb37, und AM4 Stompbox Modellbauer
kompatibel mit allen 1/10,2 cm Kabel für längere Kabelwege