Juhoo Loop Guitar Effect Pedal, Looper with Drum Machine Function, Software Support Windows and MAC System. 30 Loop…

it is a fantastic tool for both solo and ensemble players, who thrive on creating dynamic, larger than life performances. Though small in size, the Beat Loop boasts an impressive array of features at its disposal. Whether you’re looking to create a simple loop to sing or jam over, or wish to build a full backing band for an accompanied performance, the Beat Loop will surprise you with what it can enable you to do. The only thing holding you back is your own ingenuity.


1. USB jack ◇ System upgrade. ◇ Drum sound update. ◇ Audio file import and export. ◇ USB audio device, support for recording and playback. 2. Earphone jack ◇ 3.5mm stereo earphone output jack. 3. Aux In ◇ 3.5mm aux in jack. 4. 9V DC power jack ◇ 9 voltage and over 500mA DC power supply. 5. Looper button ◇ Tap the button to select item: looper’s storage location and looper’s playback volume. ◇ Rotate the button to select looper’s storage number or adjust looper’s playback volume. ◇ Press and hold the button to turn the synchronization (SYNC) function on and off. ◇ This product can store 30 loopers, each looper recording time is not fixed, but each looper recording time can’t exceed 5 minutes, all of 30 loopers recording total time up to 50 minutes. 6. Drum button ◇ Tap the button to select items: drum’s playback tempo, drum’s rhythm type and drum’s playback volume. ◇ Rotate the button to adjust drum’s playback tempo or select drum’s rhythm number or adjust drum’s playback volume. ◇ Press and hold the button to start and stop the drum. 7. Out L jack ◇ 6.35mm Left output jack, connect amplifier. 8. Out R jack ◇ 6.35mm Right output jack, connect amplifier. 9. Ctrl In jack ◇ Connect external control pedal, support a two-footswitch pedal. It can control FILL, INTR and ENDING. 10. In jack ◇ 6.35mm input jack, connect guitar. 11. LCD display ◇ Look at the below figure, there are 9 area on the LCD display, each area has different information, see below details. 12. Play/Rec footswitch ◇ This footswitch is used for looper recording, playback, overdub, undo and redo. 13. Stop/Clear footswitch ◇ This footswitch is used to stop the looper or clear the recording data.“ data-dst=“1。