Janglebox JB3 Compressor Sustainer, Deluxe Stage Effects Pedal


The JangleBox JB3 is the most outstanding compressor yet. Its the one that gives discerning guitarists the greatest performance and recording flexibility available. If compression is a significant component in achieving your sound, then the JB3 will quickly become one of your favorite pedals.
You might never turn it off! The JB3’s refinements and upgrades – including dual output, a mute switch and full tone controls on both sides of the compressor – make it indispensable in your rig. This is the only true boost-and-tone, two-stage stompbox compressor on the market today. Handmade in the USA, the JangleBox JB3 delivers the distinctive compression edge for demanding pros and aspiring artists alike.
True Bypass
Dual Output
Separate, full EQ on both sides of the compressor
Mute switch
Adjustable J-Boost Gain