FRANCOIS LOUIS PURE BRASS – VERSILBERT (GROSSE L) Saxophone Tenor Saxophon Blattschrauben

68,00 (as of 28. April 2018, 9:02)

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Berg Larsen Kautschuk
Ponzol Kautschuk


The stainless steel wires of the Ursprünglich ?Ultimate? have been replaced by a Brass Brace. Its suppleness makes it gut in Form your mouthpiece smoothly. The tightening is assured by a single Top Screw for a great comfort of use. The contact with the reed is assured by a Solid Brass Pressure Plate providing more resistance and a centred resonance. The Längs gerichtet Contact with the Mouthpiece by Brass Resonators and Rolls guarantees free Vibrations of the ensemble Reed / Mouthpiece. Universum this produce a deeper tone with a well balanced resistance and a great projection. The Pressure Plates Reihe of the Ursprünglich Ultimate Ligature vielleicht somit be used with the Ultimate Ligature Pure Brass.
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Ponzol Kautschuk
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