Budda Wah Pedal


The hidden artillery of professional touring musicians, the Budwah(tm) Budda Wah has long been regarded as one of the finest Wah-Wah pedals available. Now Budda has updated and improved the Budwah with major enhancements, taking the same tried and true sound to an even higher level of quality and durability at the same great price. The Budwah’s popularity comes from its use of a custom inductor voice that produces the midrange honk of vintage wahs without the top-end harshness. At bass settings, the Budwah’s(tm) tone is thick without losing note clarity. When accentuating the highs, a carefully selected roll-off frequency ensures the Budwah(tm) isn’t piercing, which is the case with so many other wahs. The Budwah’s(tm) tight and focused tone sweep produces an outstanding vocal-like quality. Circuitry features a hard-wire bypass; custom coil inductor inspired by the vintage Fasel inductor; full-ground plane board for noiseless operation; and a beefy, reliable switch.